3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your PPC Campaigns

ppc campaignsDid you know that the success of your company’s PPC Campaigns often depend on the people you are targeting? I know you’re probably thinking, “Everyone knows that!” But more often than not, the areas in which you target may actually not be producing as much as you would think. Even those high traffic areas that you think would be no brainer areas to target could actually be a reason why you’re not seeing the CTR’s you’d initially hoped for. Feeling a little confused? No worries. In this blog we will discuss three ways that may help you get your PPC Campaigns back on track and producing those conversions you hoped for. From using hard data to target your ad areas to bid adjustments to help maximize your daily budget.

1. PPC Campaigns: Sales vs Traffic Report

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your PPC Campaigns is utilize BTP Digital Group’s Sales vs. Traffic Report. Whether your targeting is a local or a nationwide campaign, knowing what cities or states to zone in on is important. For the sake of this example let us focus on a 25 mile radius around San Jose, CA. Your business is a car dealership and while looking at the 25 mile radius map around San Jose, you see cities like Fremont, Gilroy and Palo Alto. Knowing that your dealership is located in San Jose it may be wise to start off bidding to these cities. But between these selected cities you see Milpitas, Los Altos, and Los Gatos. You choose these cities and begin serving your ads.

As your monthly data is looked at, you notice that not all cities are showing up. You have allocated budgets going to each city but can’t seem to figure out how well those cities are performing. That is where BTP Digital Group’s free Sales vs. Traffic Report can help take some of the guessing out. BTP offers a powerful tool to clients that not only helps them maximize their marketing spend budget but also helps them get more familiarized with their top performing cities. BTP’s Sales vs. Traffic Report combs through your dealership’s sales reports while also examining your site analytics to determine where you are getting the most out of your PPC campaigns. Based on your analytics it appears that you have good traffic volume coming from Los Altos but according to your sales reports BTP finds that it has yet to produce a single sale.

2. Target Performing Areas

So what now? In this example it doesn’t make sense for your dealership to continue to spend ad money on people located in Los Altos. Organically it is already producing views but why continue to spend money in this area when the same report shows multiple sales coming from Los Gatos. It would only make sense to optimize your PPC Campaigns by allocating that additional ad funding from Los Altos and move it over to Los Gatos. Once BTP Digital Group has shared the findings of the Sales vs. Traffic report it is now time to help optimize your dealership’s PPC campaigns by going after those cities that have a record of producing.

3. Bid Budget Management

So now that you have figured out what areas should and shouldn’t be targeted based on your sales and analytic data, now it’s time to optimize the way in which you bid for these clicks. BTP Digital Group offers its clients a way to not only adjust bids at a near-real-time but also provides updates every 30 minutes to help adjust your budget accordingly. BTP’s BBM solution will help your PPC Campaigns bid farewell to over-bidding for clicks or over-paying for conversions. BBM also gives your business constant access to near-real-time data which in turn helps your business maximize as well as reduce the cost of each click or conversion.

Need Help? We Can Help

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