A/B Testing Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads TestingIs your dealership taking full advantage of Facebook’s advertising platform? You’ve done the work to create engaging ad copy but for some reason you’re still not seeing the return you’d initially hoped for. The Facebook Ads platform makes it easy for you to create and manage image / video ads but again your numbers slip. Perhaps you’re losing quality impression shares due to lack of budget? Or perhaps you’re struggling with tracking what ad content and copy best resonates with potential car buyers? This is where A/B testing your Facebook Ads can help.

What A/B testing Facebook Ads does is compares two similar but different variations of design or copy to help your dealership determine which one provides the best results related to your goals. If done properly, it will not only result in an increase in conversions but also overall ROI on your various marketing campaigns.

A/B testing Facebook Ads is nothing new but investing the proper time or money to create dozens of different Facebook ad variations can be difficult for even for the biggest dealerships. That’s where BTP’s Facebook Ads Management comes in. BTP Digital Group’s social media management team not only helps automate your posting process but also helps optimize the posting process by serving hundreds of A/B ad variants. Ad variants such as; alternative text and ad copy, testing options for demographics like age, gender, interests, location and more.

A/B Testing Your Facebook Ads

A/B testing helps marketing consultants understand how their various ads affect campaign performance. A/B testing also lets you test different Facebook Ad versions so you can see what performs best, ultimately leading to improved future campaigns.

  • A/B Facebook Ad testing divides your targeted audience into random groups who are shown ad sets with identical creative.
  • The randomization of audience helps BTP’s marketing consultants ensure the test is conducted fairly as to avoid skewed results in group comparison.
  • Each ad set is tested against audience types, placements, or delivery optimizations.

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