Adwords Search Retargeting for Automotive Industry

Adwords Search Retargeting for Automotive

Studies show that more than 80% of potential car buyers do extensive online research before even stepping foot on a dealership lot. What does this all mean for automotive dealerships trying to attract new business? It means automotive dealerships must now focus on having a strong SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) presence. From Adwords PPC ( pay per click ), to Display Ads, to Site Retargeting, automotive dealerships are now turning to agencies like BTP to manage their digital marketing efforts.


BTP’s Search Retargeting Services

Part of BTP’s extensive automotive ad services include Adwords Search Retargeting which can help your automotive dealership reach the right audience by displaying engaging car ads to potential customers who have recently shown interest ( searched keywords ) in what you have to offer. For instance, when a potential new car buyer is searching for “2016 Mazda 6” ( a keyword phase in your dealership’s Adword campaign keyword list ) and for any reason does not click on your ad, BTP’s Search Retargeting then goes to work by presenting your dealership’s display advertisement in another search window.  Because your automotive ad appears in the potential car buyer’s browser, Adwords Search Retargeting has a much higher conversion rate compared to standard PPC advertising campaigns.


We Help Manage ‘Your’ Adwords Campaign

Need help managing your various Adwords campaigns? Whether you own a single car company or a group of dealerships, BTP’s SEM management team can help you create and run a successful automotive ad campaign. We understand that developing your keyword search, managing multiple campaigns and being able to digest daily analytic results may fall beyond your daily workflow scope. So that’s where BTP can help. Our group goes above and beyond traditional search engine marketing techniques by targeting meaningful analytic-based results, not just clicks. It is our goal to create engaging ad copy that follows potential car buyers throughout their buying process.

Unlike many ad agencies out there, BTP Digital Group delivers results while maintaining complete transparency.  Your ad campaigns and accounts are yours. We help setup the Adwords accounts for your dealership(s) while offering you continued access to monitor live analytic results at anytime. From cost per clicks, conversion rates and keyword relevancy, we strive to work with you to help maximize your Adwords ROI.

Let Us Help

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