Auto Ad Dynamics

Take your AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns to a higher level with BTP Digital Group’s Auto Ad Dynamics platform. Auto Ad Dynamics is a fully managed Pay Per Click (PPC) solution for automotive dealers that can produce traffic for all profit centers. Whether you are looking to drive used car phone calls, grow service business, increase special finance applications, our SEM experts will create, manage & optimize a strategy to reach your goals and maximize your return on investment (ROI). We layer your sales data on top of your website traffic data to produce a targeting strategy that will maximize your results.

Dynamic Inventory Ads

BTP’s Auto Ad Dynamics takes your dealership’s inventory feed and funnels the information into custom created ad copy segments. Once populated, Auto Ad Dynamics begins delivering automated ads to people searching keywords for vehicles found in your dealership’s inventory. These ads auto-update themselves when new inventory is added or sold, and can also create a sense of urgency for potential car buyers. This is done by pairing enticing ad copy to Call to Actions ( CTA ) based on in stock inventory.
Example: 3 cars left in inventory = “Hurry! Only 3 left in stock”.

Phone Call Optimization

Many paid search providers are focused on simply reporting call tracking figures. BTP Digital Group is focused on understanding what keywords produced phone calls and why. Our integrated call tracking platform dynamically swaps out call tracking numbers for each paid search visitor in order to determine the exact keyword that produced the phone call. Our optimization strategy then allows our bidding algorithms to focus in on keywords that can drive down your cost per call. This allows us to produce more phone calls within your current paid search budget.

Bid & Budget Management

Other search engine marketing platforms only change bids on a daily basis. Our platform has the ability to make bidding changes throughout the day based on a 30-minute lookback window. So if we find an opportunity to lower bids during off-peak hours, it will do so to effectively lower your overall cost per click and increase the number of clicks & conversions within your daily budget.

Transparent & Trustworthy

Our belief in managing your dealership’s paid search strategy is that it should include complete transparency. We link our platform to your existing AdWords campaign, leaving you with complete access and control to your account. We feel that you should never have to wonder what our management fees are and how much of your budget is going to actual ad spend. We also feel that you should understand what your paid search traffic is doing when it gets to your site. As a result, we link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics for website engagement metrics on your PPC traffic.

We’re here to help you succeed! Give us a call and we’ll get started!