Auto Intender

BTP Digital Group’s Auto Intender Targeting puts your dealership’s ads in front of the JumpStart Automotive Network, the largest in-market automotive audience. Dealerships looking to drive brand awareness while focusing their display ad business to automotive research sites like Car and Driver, Autobytel and J.D. Power Autos, turn to BTP’s Auto Intender SEM platform.

Highly Relevant Contextual Targeting

What makes BTP’s Auto Intender Targeting solution so powerful is that it serves your dealership’s display ads to potential car buyers who are already researching on automotive exclusive sites. Branding your dealership(s) at the beginning of the consumer online journey will help influence buyers to first consider you over your competitors.

Behavioral Site Retargeting

Once an Auto Intender Targeting display ad is served on one of these automotive specific sites, the user is then retargeted with your brand’s message as they continue on their online buying process. This keeps your dealership top of mind as they continue through the sales funnel and creates greater brand consideration for your dealer(s). As a result, we find that running ads through the Auto Intender Targeting JumpStart network increases organic, paid and direct traffic to a dealer’s website.

Search Engine Domination

BTP’s Auto Intender Targeting is one of the best ways to round out your SEM strategy. Coupled with BTP’s Auto Ad Dynamics, Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting, there is no better way to cohesively attack and dominate search engine marketing. BTP has found that this is by far the best way to maximize your return on investment ( ROI ) for SEM.

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