CarPost Overlays

BTP’s CarPost platform helps dealerships create eye-catching, professional looking overlay templates that are sure to engage Craigslist shoppers. Ad overlays help build trust while delivering a clear, precise call to action on each of your posts.

With easy to read phone numbers and hi-res detailed photos, CarPost ads have shown to produce more Craigslist calls which leads to more sales.

Optimal Car Posting Times

CarPost takes the guessing out of the posting process by scheduling and posting car ads according to the peak user times. This not only ensures that your dealership’s ads are being seen when traffic is at its highest but also that posts are being seen near the top of the search results page.

SEO Enriched Craigslist Ads

We have all heard of SEO for website optimization but did you know that Craigslist also allows for Search Optimization? Part of CarPost’s powerful platform is that it auto-generates the make and model keyword list for you.

Where most dealerships posting to craigslist will add a few keywords that will help potential car buyers find their ad, CarPost goes above and beyond by populating an SEO enriched list based entirely on every detail that the make and model offers.

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