Facebook Ad Management

Looking to improve your dealership’s Facebook ad performance? BTP Digital Group’s Facebook Ad Management services can help drive your branding efforts across platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. BTP’s Facebook Ad Management services offer robust A/B testing tools, advanced analytics to optimize ad campaigns and transparent monthly reporting.

A/B Testing Your Facebook Ads

BTP Digital Group’s Facebook Ad Management services offers powerful A/B testing. What A/B testing does is compares two similar but different variations of design or copy to help your dealership determine which one provides the best results related to your goals. If done properly, it will not only result in an increase in conversions but also overall ROI on your various marketing campaigns.

Facebook Remarketing

Part of BTP Digital Group’s Facebook Ad Management service includes Facebook Remarketing or Custom Audiences as Facebook likes to call them. Ad Remarketing is built from customer data your dealership already has on hand. With Facebook Remarketing, it makes it easier for dealerships to reconnect with potential car buyers who have already shown interest in your inventory. Perhaps a potential buyer checked out a service or product on your website, but didn’t complete a purchase or submit a lead form. With Facebook Remarketing your dealership can now retarget these potential buyers with a highly targeted ad.

Advanced Reporting / Targeting

BTP Digital Group’s Facebook Ad Management service not only targets key in-market audiences based on your campaign keywords but also helps find data that matters most to you. With BTP’s Facebook Ad Management service, your campaigns will receive more extensive analytic tools that make it easy to focus in on key performing indicators and audiences. This helps to uncover top-performing ads and to avoid wasting money on clicks or social engagement that won’t convert into a sale. 

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