Auto Ad Dynamics

• Automated SEM for the next generation dealer
• Process for both new & used vehicle inventories
• Dynamically group similar vehicles into ad text
• Create buyer urgency based on vehicle availability

Auto Intender Targeting

• Targets based on content, behavior & location
• Reach the largest audience of in-market shoppers
• Responsive ads for mobile & desktops
• Most traffic growth in competitive set since 2009


• Leverage one of the largest online car audiences
• Machine learning posts ads at peak viewing times
• Includes SEO text for maximum post visibility
• Saves ROI by replacing sold units with new units

Search Retargeting

• Target consumers based on their search habits
• Optimized performance based on keywords
• Branded messaging to a targeted audience
• Constant consideration through buying process

Website Retargeting

• Continue to engage with online shoppers
• Follow through the web during buying process
• Bring previous visitors back when ready to buy
• Lowest hanging fruit for any digital advertiser

Reputation Intelligence

• Monitor your dealership’s online reputation
• Optimize online listings for increased visibility
• Easy user interface & comprehensive reporting
• Compare your social channels vs. your competition

Social Marketing

• Post to all social channels at once or individually
• Engage fans & followers to build brand awareness
• Increase brand retention with specials & coupons
• RSS feed library to find and distribute content

Listing Distribution

• Partnerships with the 4 major data aggregators
• Ensures contact info is correct all over the web
• Increases your dealership’s search performance
• Manage & update your dealer’s online profile

Recent Case Study:

See the difference a strong digital strategy can make for a small dealer group
in the heart of a major metropolitan market.

How to Choose
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About BTP Digital

BTP Digital Group, a Silicon Valley based, digital marketing agency has been leading the automotive industry with its innovative SEM strategies since 2013. BTP specializes in digital marketing management for both automotive dealers and small to medium sized businesses. BTP’s team of experienced agents deliver analytics-based results, while maintaining a standard level of clear, precise communication. Our belief in managing your paid search strategy is that it should be a cohesive strategy that includes complete transparency. Our clients should never have to guess or wonder what we are charging them. As a result, we give clients access to the AdWords and/or Bing Ads accounts so they can see their true cost of media.