Website Retargeting for Automotive

You’ve spent all this money driving traffic to your website, only to have some visitors not convert into a phone call or a lead. Perhaps they were just not ready to buy yet in their current phase of the online research process? BTP Digital Group’s Website Retargeting services help keep your dealership’s brand top of mind throughout a potential car buyer’s online research process. As a result, we drive low funnel, previous website visitors back to your site when they are ready to purchase.

Website Retargeting Management

website retargeting

BTP’s SEM professionals not only help manage your dealership’s digital marketing campaigns by creating enriched display ads and serving them on relevant ad placements. We then provide in-depth analysis on how well your campaign is performing based on your business goals. Compared to non-retargeted display campaigns, BTP’s Website Retargeting campaigns have shown to have significantly higher user engagement and conversions.

Heightened Brand Awareness

website retargeting

As a potential car buyer engages with your website, a cookie is dropped and BTP is now able to track and follow that  buyer to the future sites they visit. This keeps your dealership top of mind through consistent brand awareness and messaging. Visitors who have already engaged with your website and business have a higher likelihood of converting should they return to your website. BTP’s Website Retargeting is there every step of the way to ensure that they do so.

Display Ad Optimization

We serve multiple enriched display ads that can help influence a potential car buyer throughout their online buying experience. As we serve these display ads we watch performance metrics that determine consumer engagement and behavior. We then utilize the metrics to pause, delete or enhance your ads to maximize return on investment ( ROI ).

Search Engine Domination

BTP’s SEM team continuously monitors and works hard to optimize your Website Retargeting campaigns. Our goal is to deliver increased conversions while decreasing your cost per acquisition ( CPA ). We continuously test and refine your display ads to ensure that your dealership is receiving quality, high intent traffic.

Trust and Transparency

Our belief in managing your dealership’s display campaign strategy is that it should include complete transparency. We link our platform to your existing AdWords campaign, leaving you with complete access and control to your account. We feel that you should never have to wonder what our management fees are and how much of your budget is going to actual ad spend. We also feel that you should understand what your paid search traffic is doing when it gets to your site. As a result, we link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics for website engagement metrics on your paid search and display traffic.

Let Us Help

Are you not seeing the return on your dealership’s website retargeting campaign investment? Need help managing your Adwords account? BTP Digital Group’s team of SEM consultants are here to help. Give us a call today 408-335-0065 or visit us here.