Call Tracking Analysis

BTP’s Call Data Analytics introduces Audience Targeting. Use call data to retarget high-intent customers. Gain insights from your own caller data to help retargeting past callers and while building new audience segments modeled after your best customers.

 Real-Time Data

BTP’s Call Data Analytics monitors your incoming customer calls and helps you identify lost opportunities and high intent callers. Take it one step further and use call insights to close more opportunities.

Read how BTP Digital’s Review Accrue strategies helped Concord Mazda optimize their online review gathering process
and motivated the sales and service teams, while also provided a better experience for their customers.

Call Analytics

BTP’s Call Data Analytics informs your business as to which ads, campaigns and channels are generating inbound calls while also letting your business know which ones are not. This allows your business to gain valuable insight to help mold your future campaign performances.

Speech Analytics

BTP’s Call Data Analytics helps businesses gain actionable intelligence into every call. This helps your business not only convert more callers into customers but also drives more revenue.

Quickly identify conversations that end in a sale, reference a specific product or reveal missed sales opportunities. Marketers can tune ad campaigns towards high-converting media channels and uncover actionable insights that improve sales conversion rates.

Customer Sentiment

Do you completely understand your average customer? Most dealerships don’t. BTP’s Review Accrue dashboard allows you to see your business’ reviews across multiple platforms and gain better insights into your customers wants, needs, preferences, and priorities.

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