Call Tracking: Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

Part of what makes a dynamic SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) strategy is not only determined on how well your ads drive consumers to your website but also how many of those visitors complete a desired conversion such as a phone call. Question: How does your analytics tell you if a lead who calls your business did so as the result of your AdWords ads? If the number on your website or various ads is static, you’ll have no way of truly knowing how effective your ads really are. That’s where call tracking comes into play.

Call Tracking: Stop Guessing
call tracking

Part of BTP Digital Group’s SEM management strategy includes an even more in-depth way of call tracking. BTP introduces Session Based call tracking which takes traditional call tracking to a new level by allowing data to be collected within a 12 hour cookie window. This means, if a potential customer clicks on your ad or visits your site without completing a task ( phone call ) a cookie is dropped within their browser which then helps monitor any conversions they complete within the next 12 hour window. BTP then uses a dynamically-generated phone number that replaces your business number on your site or ads. So when a customer later phones in within the 12 hour period, that call data will still attribute to the original ad impression. This ensures that valuable information like what keyword, ad, ad group, and campaign produced the phone call can now be tracked within the AdWords account.

Call Tracking Benefits

BTP believes that having ability to track exactly where your calls are coming from and how your PPC ( Pay Per Click ) campaigns affect call volume is huge for your business. Having this information is paramount when shaping your company’s SEM strategy as it helps our team evaluate and optimize ad performance. BTP’s Session Based call tracking enables our team of consultants to more accurately calculate conversion values, understand which calls convert best and how to more importantly optimize your AdWords bids.

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