• As a contractor, I’ve been using Johnston Millwork as a source for quality windows, doors and mouldings for more than 7 years. Whether it’s a small, straightforward order or a large quantity of custom windows and doors, I’ve found their knowledge and resources to be invaluable. They also have the ability to produce customized windows and doors in-house, which can have its benefits. They’re up front about delivery dates, which is critical for keeping my projects on schedule. If there are issues, they resolve them promptly and professionally.

    Steve B.Contractor, Menlo Park

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Read how BTP Digital’s SEM strategies helped the OC Auto Team’s ad campaigns experience exponential growth in both Clicks and Conversions.
59,320 Clicks produced
7,387 Conversions
yielding a 12.45% Conversion Rate!


Before BTP, The OC Auto Team’s SEM campaigns were struggling to produce user Clicks, which adversely effected their overall Conversion Rate.

Soon after applying BTP’s CarPost Craigslist advertising and Auto Ad Dynamic strategies, the OC Auto Team’s ad campaigns experienced exponential growth in both Clicks and Conversions. This resulted in higher quality phones calls and leads which in turn drove overall sales.

Average Cost Per Click

The OC Auto Team’s challenge was how to drive a high volume of clicks while optimizing the campaign enough to help drive down the average Cost Per Click. The solution was to increase quality scores. Easier said than done, but within a few months after BTP began managing the OC Auto Team’s digital marketing campaigns, the average Cost Per Click dipped from $2.60 to $2.10 which allowed for more clicks and traffic growth while maintaining their original budget. This not only lead to higher quality leads but also helped maximize their marketing ROI.

Call Count

Before the OC Auto Team began working with BTP’s search engine marketing specialists, they were having a difficult time properly tracking and reporting what ads and keywords were driving car buyers to phone in. The solution was Dynamic Session Based Call Tracking.

BTP implemented their Dynamic Used Vehicles campaigns to help the dealership’s group site. BTP also launched their CarPost Craigslist advertising strategy to add additional used car traffic to the group site as well as used car phone calls to each store.

This provided much more insight into keyword performance and allowed for a much more accurate attribution model for optimization. The result for OC Auto Team was not only an increase in clicks, but drastic gains in phone calls to their dealerships.

Transparent & Trustworthy

Our belief in managing your dealership’s paid search strategy is that it should include complete transparency. We link our platform to your existing AdWords campaign, leaving you with complete access and control to your account. We feel that you should never have to wonder what our management fees are and how much of your budget is going to actual ad spend. We also feel that you should understand what your paid search traffic is doing when it gets to your site. As a result, we link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics for website engagement metrics on your PPC traffic.

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