Pay Per Click

BTP Digital Group provides businesses a transparent, evidence-based approach in delivering successful pay per click campaigns. Our experienced paid search team delivers cost effective, highly efficient PPC campaigns to meet your company’s goals.

Transparent Digital Ad Agency

BTP believes that it is important for your company to know exactly how your Google Adwords or BingAds Pay Per Click budget is being utilized. From dynamic analytic reporting to full access to campaign strategies, BTP believes that a successful paid search campaign should start and end with full transparency.

Adwords – BingAds Ad Campaign Management

BTP understands that setting up and managing your company’s paid search campaigns can be quite the daunting task. BTP’s Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) experts not only assist in creating successful analytic-based ad accounts but also make sure that your campaigns align with your business’s goals and KPI’s.

Paid Search Optimization

BTP believes that a successful paid search campaign should include enriched ad copy, keywords, and landing page content. We focus our efforts on creating engaging ad copy that boosts page and ad relevancy, which in turn leads to higher quality scores and better chances that your ads will reach the top. This step of the process helps BTP deliver tangible results with a strong ROI.

Search Engine Domination

Our paid search team continuously monitors and works hard to optimize your Adwords or BingAds Pay Per Click campaigns. Our goal is to deliver increased click through rates (CTR) and conversions, while decreasing your cost per acquisition (CPA). We continuously test and refine your ad accounts to ensure that your company is receiving quality, high intent traffic.

We’re here to help you succeed! Give us a call and we’ll get started!