Social Media Management

BTP Digital Group - Social Media ManagementManaging your company’s multiple social media channels is difficult, which is why BTP Digital Group developed their easy to use Social Media Management platform. Specifically developed for small to medium sized businesses who are trying to build their social presence and find new leads. Monitor your social media site’s analytics with real-time feedback, all under one easy to use social dashboard.

Social Media Engagement

Whether you’re liking a Facebook post by a happy customer, sharing your business’s current web special over LinkedIn or addressing a customer’s concern on Twitter, how well you manage your various social media platforms determines how well people recognize your brand. BTP’s Social Media Management platform allows companies to not only post a single message over multiple social channels but also allows for real customer engagement throughout your various social media accounts.

Social Media Dashboard

What makes BTP’s Social Media Management platform such a powerful tool is that it enables your business to keep a bird’s eye view on all your social media channel interactions. With the platform’s easy to navigate dashboard and multiple channel posting layout, managing your company’s social media campaigns just got that much easier.

Generating Leads With Social Media

Not only does BTP’s Social Media Management tool help build your company’s social presence but it also helps you find new leads. Every day, hundreds of potential customers declare their buying intentions on social media. With Social Marketing, businesses can now gather leads based on geo-targeted keywords, choose from pre-determined lead searches or create unique searches and receive alerts when prospects are discovered.

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