Influencial Online Reviews

Online reviews play a huge role when it comes to branding efforts. Online reviews help your potential customers gain a better understanding of your brand and can have great influence on customers as they travel through their buying journey.

BTP Digital Group’s Online Review Accrue helps your business collect quality reviews while also improving local search ranking. Today’s online customers view quality reviews as the number one factor that determines whether or not they engage with a business.

 Collect Up to 15x More Reviews

Typically, collecting reviews for your business can be quite difficult. With BTP Digital Group’s Online Review Accrue your business can easily collect hundreds of customer reviews. BTP’s Review Accrue utilizes text messaging to collect your customer’s reviews. The platform’s mobile technology ensures your store is maximizing your online reviews through an efficient, mobile process that yields up to 15x the reviews that traditional methods produce.

Read how BTP Digital’s Review Accrue strategies helped Concord Mazda optimize their online review gathering process
and motivated the sales and service teams, while also provided a better experience for their customers.

Collect, Monitor, Respond to Online Reviews

BTP Digital Group’s Online Review Accrue dashboard makes it easy for businesses to collect and monitor customer reviews while also providing a quick and easy way to respond to potential negative reviews.

BTP’s Review Accrue helps your business prioritize and choose the online review sites that matter most to your branding efforts. From Google to Facebook to over 20 different review sites, BTP’s SmartSelect technology can help your company efficiently get to the sites that have the largest impact on your business.

All Your Online Reviews In One Place.

Why waste valuable time searching 20+ sites to ensure you’re seeing every online review that your business receives. BTP’s Review Accrue delivers all of your business reviews, from multiple review sites, into one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Sort, filter, see, and respond to, any and every review that your company collects while improving customer service and brand image with punctual responses. Respond to reviews whether positive or negative to show consumers that you value their opinions of your business.

Customer Sentiment

Do you completely understand your average customer? Most businesses don’t. BTP’s Review Accrue dashboard allows you to see your business’ reviews across multiple platforms and gain better insights into your customers wants, needs, preferences, and priorities.

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