Website Development

BTP Digital Group is a full-service website development firm that offers companies the chance to not only create a custom site that drives organic traffic but also helps communicate your brand’s story. Every website is meticulously designed to be mobile responsive which helps enhance your overall user experience.

Responsive Web Design

Today’s consumer of goods and services are no longer in front of desktop computers and laptops, but rather on their mobile devices and tablets. BTP’s Web Development experts believe that a mobile friendly site should enhance all user experiences, whether it be on a desktop or mobile device.

SEO Enriched

BTP’s web development team makes sure that your new website has Search Engine Optimized ( SEO ) copy. Sites with enriched SEO copy are ranked higher in search engine results and help improve keyword relevance when rolling out any Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) campaigns.

In-House Graphic Design Team

Graphic design is about finding the best way to communicate your company’s brand message. BTP’s team of graphic designers can help your company produce visual material that speaks to your audiences in a strong and clear way. Need a new logo or an updated look and feel? We can help.

Website Analytics

A part of managing a healthy website is knowing how users are interacting with your content. All of BTP’s website development designs come with Google Analytics so that you can see exactly how customers are engaging with your site. Connect your SEM campaigns to your analytics to track conversions, leads and sales.

We’re here to help you succeed! Give us a call and we’ll get started!