Digital Ad Agency: The Good, The Bad

Finding the right digital ad agency to manage your company’s search engine marketing ( SEM ) strategy takes a little bit of work and some proper insight. Much of what to lookfor when choosing an agency depends on knowing the difference between what makes a good digital ad agency and what makes a bad one.

Digital Ad Agency: The Good

What separates a good digital ad agency from the bad, is not only based on the results they provide for each client but how those results are produced and delivered. So let’s dive in!

Value of Service151204140703092

When meeting with a digital ad agency it’s important to listen how they build their service value. If an agency begins their pitch by telling you how their services can increase your marketing ROI instead of trying to convince you that your current provider isn’t getting the job done, then you know they are more focused on providing a complete solution.

SEM Management Continuity

What sets a good digital ad agency apart from a bad one is how consistent their SEM account management process is from consultant to consultant. A good agency will adopt a consistent brand message across the entire company platform. Having a consistent management process shows that everyone in that agency is on the same page, making it easier for your company to feel secure and know that your business is in good hands.

Transparent Account Management

SEM is all about the numbers, clicks, conversions, and KPI’s. A reputable digital ad agency will want their clients to know just how well their business marketing strategy is performing. From inside and out, from metrics to in-depth analysis. This means building a clear, concise consultant to client communication standard.

Feel Like One Of The Family

A good digital ad agency not only builds strong partnerships with their clients but also tries to align incentives so that everyone feels like they win.  It is not uncommon for a good digital ad agency to feel like a friend or business ally. This should be very apparent during the initial ‘getting to know each other’ phase. Good agencies are built around long-term relationships instead of short-term gains.

Digital Ad Agency: The Bad

Business woman and man shake hands and put finger cross on back, closeup portrait isolated on white background.

Now that we have touched up on what makes a good digital ad agency, let us look at some of the characteristics that make up a bad ad agency.

Misguided Focus

One way to spot if an agency is more focused on selling you than providing you with a quality service is if they begin their pitch by attacking what it is that your current ad agency / or in-house SEM campaign is doing wrong. It is okay to for agencies to suggest ways to improve your strategy but to outright attack your current process is wrong.

Inconsistent Brand Messaging

Just like any good business, consistent brand messaging is key to solid operations. A good agency should operate like a good brand. You’re considering an agency’s management services because you expect a consistent message.

Hiding Results and/or Fees

Perhaps the most telling sign that a digital ad agency is bad is if they do not operate your SEM campaigns in your own accounts. Often times bad agencies will insist on running your accounts within their own platform. This not only makes accessing the account information near impossible but it also allows for hidden fees to be added on without you knowing. Transparency is key!

Treated Like Cattle

A bad digital ad agency will make you feel like your business, no matter how big or small is not being properly valued. These agencies often times will use high-pressure, deceptive sales techniques to get your business and then turn around and act as though you’re just another number.

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