Digital Ad Agency for Startups

In today’s startup community, companies look to gain a competitive edge anyway they can. Paid search ( if done correctly ) is one of the easiest ways to get your brand’s message out to the masses. From proprietary software / apps to Internet of Things ( IoT ) hardware, companies rely heavily on paid search platforms like Google Adwords or Bing Ads. BTP ( Beyond the Print ) has been providing startups with comprehensive digital ad agency solutions since 2013.

Digital Ad Agency

digital ad agency

Whether your company is a startup or an established medium sized business looking for a way to bring in more web traffic and leads, BTP’s team of digital marketing specialists work hard to deliver tangible, analytic-based Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) results. BTP not only assists startups with Pay Per Click ( PPC ) advertising setup and management but also helps create strong brand awareness through Search Engine Optimized ( SEO )  website design and online reputation management.

Scalability for Small Businesses
digital ad agency

BTP’s digital ad agency knows that a key to any startup’s long term success is often determined on how well it can scale. BTP’s full service SEM platform helps take the stress out of managing your startup’s digital marketing strategy. BTP’s hands on digital ad agency approach keeps your digital marketing campaign streamlined while allowing your startup to focus on building a scalable operation. As your startup begins to grow, so to does your paid search solution.

Transparent Digital Ad Agency

Often times when a startup outsources their digital marketing strategy they run the risk of having their accounts completely controlled by the agency. This means: not knowing how your startup’s SEM budget is being spent, not knowing how your accounts are being managed and most importantly not knowing just how much the agency is actually making. What sets BTP’s digital ad agency apart from the rest is that it practices full transparency. BTP believes that it is important for your startup to know exactly how your Google Adwords or Bing Ads budget is being utilized. From dynamic analytic reporting to full access to campaign strategies, BTP believes that a successful paid search campaign should start and end with full transparency.

Adwords – BingAds Ad Campaign Management

BTP understands that setting up and managing your startup’s paid search campaigns can be quite the daunting task. BTP’s SEM experts not only assist in creating successful analytic-based ad accounts but also make sure that your campaigns align with your startup’s goals and KPI’s.

Paid Search Optimization
digital ad agency

BTP’s digital ad agency believes that a successful paid search campaign should include enriched ad copy, keywords, and landing page content. We focus our efforts on co-creating engaging ad copy that boosts page and ad relevancy, which in turn leads to higher quality scores and better chances that your ads will reach the top. This step of the process helps BTP deliver tangible results with a strong ROI for your startup.

Search Engine Domination

Our paid search team continuously monitors and works hard to optimize your startup’s Adwords or BingAds campaigns. Our goal is to deliver increased click through rates ( CTR) and conversions, while decreasing your cost per acquisition (CPA). We continuously test and refine your ad accounts to ensure that your startup is receiving quality, high intent traffic.

Let Us Help

Does your startup need help setting up or managing your various SEM accounts? BTP Digital Group’s experienced team is here to help. Give us a call today 408-335-0065 or visit us here.