Facebook Remarketing: Driving Customer Engagement

facebook remarketingIs your business looking for better ways to re-engage with customers who have already shown interest in your business or products? Whether they’ve clicked on an embedded video, browsed your e-commece store or simply just visited your website, remarketing has shown to produce higher rates of conversions. Social media remarketing, Facebook Remarketing in particular, is a very powerful tool for company’s who are looking to stay front of mind during the buying process.

Your business may have already began running Facebook ads in an attempt to gain more Likes, website visits or a video views.But did you know that you can take your Facebook ads a step further? Facebook Remarketing or Custom Audiences as Facebook likes to call them, are built from customer data you already have on hand. With Facebook Remarketing, it makes it easier for businesses to reconnect with the visitors who have already shown interest in your business. Perhaps a potential buyer checked out a service or product on your website, but didn’t complete a purchase or submit a lead form. With Facebook Remarketing your business can now retarget these potential buyers with an ad offering a discount or a free trial offer. By serving branded ads on Facebook through a tracking pixel—a generated snippet of code you can place in the backend of your website—your business can now be sure to remain top of mind as the buyer travels down the purchase funnel.

Facebook Remarketing allows your business to:

  • Bring website visitors back to complete a purchase or transaction
  • Locate and engage with new people who are similar to your website visitorsGet more value from new customer
  • acquisition campaigns by excluding existing customers

To get the most out of your Facebook Remarketing campaigns your business will have to make sure that you’re 1) using brand awareness to capture your target audience’s attention and 2) guiding that audience back into your purchase funnel with engaging content and ad copy.

It’s important to plan how your campaign(s) will look and feel! What conversion goals your business would like to achieve with the campaigns?

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