Online Reputation Management

online reputation management
In today’s digital age, companies depend heavily on online reputation management to build brand awareness while engaging with new and current customers. What most businesses are finding out is that managing a strong ongoing online reputation takes a lot of time and energy. Making sure your company’s listing information is up-to-date while building up a strong social following is nothing less than a full time job. That’s where we can help.

Online Reputation Management

BTP’s Online Reputation Management platform provides your business with a way to automate and manage your company’s online image while being able to monitor what people are saying about you. Another key feature that BTP’s reputation platform provides is an improved visibility ranking in local search engines like Google, Foursquare, Yahoo! and Bing. So how is this all done? We help build your company an online reputation presence that includes what we call the Four Pillars of your company’s Virtual Doorway.

The Four Pillars

There are roughly 300 plus places your company can be found online at anytime. The importance of providing accurate and complete information to these sources is paramount being that your company will be ranked accordingly.

This is what is also known as online reputation. These days consumers control the conversation online through review forums and other various social apps. Monitoring what is being said about your company is of the utmost importance as customers tend to trust other customer conversations more than traditional marketing.

Having an engaging social presence is what sets good companies apart from the rest. From encouraging a satisfied customer to share their experience with their social network to addressing concerns from an unsatisfied guest, companies who actively engage with their social media platforms tend to see higher ratings across the board.

Is your site mobile? On the average 56-61% site visitors are now using some sort of mobile device. Not having a mobile responsive site will turn away many potential customers.

Online Distribution Listings Explained

Can your customers find you? Have you tried Google-ing your company to see what comes up? Have you searched your company online to see how consumers are being directed to your site? Part of a good online reputation management plan is to be able to see your listings real time. Reports suggest that consumers who visit sites where your business information is found to be incorrect are less likely to return thus turning a potential loyal customer to a missed opportunity.

At BTP we specialize in how your business is distributed. From making sure that the information provided about your business to listing agencies is accurate, to maintaining a good online reputation for your company. What makes our online distribution listing service so powerful is that you don’t have to spend countless hours tracking down all the sites who are displaying incorrect information about your business. Our listing distribution service goes above and beyond by first correcting all inaccurate information and then by resubmitting the corrected changes real-time with the four major data providers. This ensures that all 300+ media sources who get their data from the four major providers will be receiving only the correct information about your business.

Google’s Magic 3

A recent study shows that the first search result found on a page receives a commanding 53% of user clicks, while the second listing receives 15%. Which brings us to our next topic, the Magic 3. The Magic 3 refers to the first 3 search findings Google displays on their first page of results. The importance of this ranking is not just about where your company sits on the first page but also where your company appears on the side map. Having difficulty finding reviews, missing in search engines and don’t have time nor personal bandwidth to manage your social media? We can help.

BTP’s online reputation management platform helps boost all aspects of your company’s online reputation by checking online business listings, finding reviews from top sources, collecting online mentions and then displays them in an easy to read dashboard. All this leads to search engines finding you, higher customer engagement, better SEO scores and a higher chance that your company will be featured in Google’s Magic 3.

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