4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your PPC


1) In-House Cost vs Outsource Cost

To outsource or not to outsource. That is the question. Typically the cost of hiring a full-time in-house paid search team will far exceed the cost of outsourcing to a digital advertising agency. Did you know that employing a full-time in-house PPC team means you’re not only paying for multiple full time salaried positions but you’re also paying for their health benefits, PTO office supplies / setup, and not to forget holidays and sick time? You can see how these combined costs will quickly outweigh the cost of paying an external agency to manage your paid advertising campaigns.

2) The Right Person(s) for the Job

We know finding the right person to manage your paid search strategy is easier said than done. From posting detailed job descriptions, to completing the hiring process, to getting the new hire(s) acclimated to your company culture, the process not only takes time but also demands lots of energy from both you and your HR staff. In contrast, outsourcing to an agency to manage your paid search strategy requires a fraction of your time and allows you to harness the power of trained specialists.

3) Optimized Workforce

We all understand the importance of an optimized paid search strategy but did you know that having an experienced team of paid search marketers is just as important? Having an optimized ad agency who constantly monitors and adjusts your daily campaign activity will help maximize your ROI and give you a leg up on the competition. This perhaps is one of the most important reasons why your business should consider outsourcing your PPC management. From clicks to conversions and everything in between, an ad agency will give you access to PPC specialists who are true experts in their field.

4) Transparency is Key

When utilizing the full potential of a digital ad agency, it’s important to ask questions regarding how your accounts will be managed and how the services will be billed. A good digital ad agency will not only monitor all of your bids, rankings and ad copy but also give you full access to the data and reports. Trust in the ad agency is crucial as you will be working closely to achieve your various marketing / sales goals. Questions like: How does your agency handle data and results collected? How much of your marketing budget goes towards actual ad spend and how much goes towards the agencies management fees?  Often times you will find ad agencies who aren’t so upfront when it comes to questions like this so it is important to ask right away.

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