Pay Per Click Advertising

pay per click advertising
As an automotive company, trying to manage your dealership’s Pay Per Click( PPC ) advertising campaign can be a daunting and sometimes costly endeavor. How do you know if you have a fully optimized digital advertising strategy? Are the SEM ( search engine marketing ) keywords in your ad campaign ‘highly searched’ terms? Are your Pay Per Click automotive campaigns effectively boosting your sales while driving your dealership’s online presence? Are your Google analytics helping you refine and perfect your automotive ad campaign? If not, you’re not alone.

Running a successful Pay Per Click campaign takes more than just adding a few keywords and setting a daily Google Adwords or Bing Ads budget. Many dealerships find themselves frustrated when they see their Adwords budget adding up without seeing the leads or phone calls coming in. Often times what happens is a dealership will begin an ad campaign with the idea that it will maintain itself once set up. Keywords are added and a budget is set but there is no one to manage the analytics and no one to monitor data like impression rates, bounce rates, conversions, ect. What ends up happening with these dealerships is that money is spent on a mismanaged campaign, which in turn leads to a negative ROI.  That’s where BTP Digital Group can help.

Effective Pay Per Click Advertising

BTP ( Beyond the Print ) Digital Group is a DIGITAL ad agency built by car dealers, for car dealers! BTP strives to not only increase website traffic, phone calls and leads for your dealership, but to also convert your clicks into sales. What sets BTP apart from other ad agencies is that our workflow and results always remain completely transparent to our clients. It is BTP’s goal to deliver quantifiable results while providing your dealership(s) with the ability to monitor where and how your ad budget is being utilized.

Pay Per Click Case Studies

Below are a few case study examples of how BTP managed Adwords campaigns have helped out dealership clients like Nissan Sunnyvale and Oak Tree Mazda.


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Let’s face it, successfully marketing your car business online is a vast undertaking.
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