How SEO Helps Rank Your Site In Search

Designing a website can be a daunting task for any company. From design layout styles, to product images, to the written copy that is used to deliver your company’s brand message. Often times when a website is being created one crucial element goes overlooked. This part of the design process can wreak havoc on how your site performs once launched.SEOor Search Engine Optimization simply put ishow search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rank your website based on the relevance of the content that appears on your site’s various pages. The more relevant and enriched content that is found on your website, the higher your site will be ranked when someone searches a particularkeywordorphrase. This doesn’t necessarily mean the “more words the better”, rather the quality of the words that are used on your site will determine how well it is ranked.


Using Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool to Boost SEO

The goal of course when creating content is to score high with search engine crawlers, also known as text scanning bots. This will increase your chances of appearing on the first or second page of any search engine’s listings. This may take some time to perfect as search engine algorithms change periodically. One technique that helps build relevance on your site is the use Google Adwords’ ‘most searched’ terms and Google’s Insights toolset. Google Adwords allows users to view how many times a particularkeyword or phrasehas been searched. For instanceAuto Mallmay have been searched 20,000 in a given month whileCar Dealershipmay have been searched 40,000 in that same given month. Another search forCar Lotmay only show that 400 people searched that term. Knowing this information, it is good practice to take both the higher scoringkeywordsorphrasesand add them throughout your site’s copy to help search engine crawlers rank your site higher. This process takes some time but the rewards for a well-oiled SEO site are almost immediate.

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