Small Ad Agencies: More Bang For Your Marketing Buck

With much of today’s car buying process taking place online, it’s no wonder automotive dealerships are directing more and more attention and marketing budgets to digital ad spend. And while setting up a paid search campaign may be easy, dealerships often turn to automotive specific ad agencies to help manage their accounts. The talk of whether to turn to small ad agencies or big ad agencies becomes a much debated topic of discussion as both offer full scale marketing solutions. While the traditional large automotive ad agencies boast a larger number of ‘in-house’ capabilities, it’s the small ad agencies who often times pack a more potent punch.

Flexible & Adaptive

Success of small ad agencies depends heavily on the ability to leverage flexibility while delivering tangible analytic results. Unlike much larger ad agencies, a small ad agency often times requires that each team member be an expert at his or her job while also exercising a knowledge of the inner workings of the ad agencysmall ad agencies . This allows for small ad agencies to adapt and implement changes on-the-fly if a marketing strategy needs to suddenly shift focus or change direction. This is critically important because marketing, especially in the digital realm is constantly being redefined by new practices and updates in Google’s algorithm. Flexibility is the key to a successful small ad agency as it provides an opportunity to expand the definition of digital marketing. You will find that flexibility is interwoven within the small ad agency DNA. This ultimately allows small ad agencies to focus on client to client paid search strategies rather than a short-term profit margin.

Trust and Transparency

Perhaps one of the most important things you’ll find with smaller ad agencies that you won’t often find with larger ones is a transparent, all access approach to managing your dealership’s accounts. Small ad agencies like BTP Digital Group manage your dealership’s paid search strategy by linking their platform to your existing AdWords campaign. This leaves your dealership with complete access and control of your various accounts. “We feel that you should never have to wonder what our management fees are and how much of your budget is going to actual ad spend,” explains Nathan Hollenback, Digital Development Director of BTP Digital Group. “We also feel that you should understand what your paid search traffic is doing when it gets to your site. As a result, we link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics for website engagement metrics on your PPC traffic.”


Naturally, as medium sized ad agencies become big ad agencies, holding onto unified aspects of an identity becomes more and more challenging. And as the agency grows it becomes more difficult to cultivate new fresh identity ideas which can lead to static or disjointed brand identity. On the contrary with small ad agencies, where the agency director and those who work there operate in close proximity. This generally leads to more nurtured identity interactions between the employees and the visionaries and thus creates a more enriched culture soup. An agency culture that values collective identity and team unity enables a small agency to turn small setbacks into major wins.

Not Just A Number

Perhaps one of the most glaring differences between big and small ad agencies is the way your paid search accounts
are collectively managed. Typically with bigger ad agencies, account managers will take on way more accounts than they can actively manage and thus leads to your dealership becoming just another number. More importantly there can be less small-ad-agenciesattention to detail when it comes to how your paid search campaigns perform. We call thisthe blanket approach. The blanket approach often times is a quick fix when an account manager’s time is being spread too thin. This leads them to not being able to actively test or adjust your dealership’s ads based on real-time analytics. The small ad agencies on the other hand not only have a more boutique-like approach to each of their accounts but also set aside time to optimize ad bidding and copy based upon the ads’ ability to sell cars. This also enables small ad agencies to look downstream to carefully watch how a consumer behaves during their car buying process. This has proven to be more effective as potential car buyer’s habits become more predictable which leads to higher levels of engagement and can help further stretch your ad dollars.

See the Difference

More often than not when it comes to larger ad agencies managing multiple dealership’s paid search campaigns, you will find the same creative content being recycled over various advertising platforms. This not only creates a monotonous template’d look but also falls short of truly expressing your dealership’s brandingvision that you’ve worked so hard to create. With smaller ad agencies, your dealership will find that the ads being created and served are not only unique to each campaign but also stay true to your branding efforts.

Small Ad Agencies: Let’s get started!

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