Social Media Managing

Looking for an efficient way to manage, automate and publish content over multiple social media channels? BTP‘s platform helps to simplify your social media marketing by putting everything you need to run a successful campaign under one easy to use dashboard. Below you will find a step by step breakdown on how to compose, schedule when content is posted and how to publish a single piece of content to several various social media sites at once.

Social Media Tools

Upon opening your Social Marketing dashboard you will find the My Posts interface. Locate the Filter side menu just below the My Posts heading.The Filter menu will give you a preview of what social media sites that you are currently managing. As you can see in the example above the user is currently managing Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Next to the Filter Menu you will find the Recent Posts menu. This menu readily displays the various posts and tweets that your company has published along with posts that your company has been mentioned in. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the My Posts page, locate the Compose link at the top right of the page. Once you have successfully located the link, click on it and it will open a new mini window that allows you to compose your next post.

Create Your Content

Social Media Automation Management

Once you have opened the Compose a Post window you will notice a few key features that make creating your content over multiple social platforms that much easier. Along the top of the window you will find a list of social media sites that you have enabled for posting. To the right of the Compose Your Post text box you will find a real-time Preview window for each social platform that you have chosen. This preview feature will allow you to see what your post will look like in each platform’s window.

Below the Compose Your Post text box you will also find a smaller yellow rounded box with a word count of 140. This tool helps you to monitor how many of Twitter’s 140 characters you have used for your post. Directly below the Compose Your Post text box you will find

Along the bottom of the Compose Your Post text box you will find four blue clickable links that allow you to Shorten a hyperlink that you are sharing, upload an image, add Interesting Content ( RSS feed ) or Insert a Coupon you may have created for your social followers.

Social Media Bulk Posting

Social Marketing Automation Tool

Now that you have finished composing your post and added all the links and images you want to be seen, it is now time to determine whether you want to publish your post now or at a later scheduled time. Next to the blue Post button you will find a Schedule Postlink that allows you to edit the day and time fields. Choose the appropriate time to send out your social media bulk post and hit the blue Schedule Post button. It is that easy. Now sit back and watch as your post is sent out to your targeted social media audience.

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